What We Do

We support the work of Bible translation through aviation with Wycliffe Bible Translators in Papua New Guinea (PNG) also known as "The Land of the Unexpected".

PNG is linguistically diverse with over 830 languages in a country the size of the state of California. Of those 830 languages, over 300 are still waiting for God's Word to be translated into the language they understand best, their heart language.  

Jason is a pilot and has flown all over PNG. His cargo has included everything from people to pigs. Yes...pigs do sometimes fly in PNG!

The work of Bible translation can’t be done without linguists, translators and the support of pilots, mechanics, maintenance specialists, computer and telephone specialists, nurses, teachers...so many people are still needed to get the job done.

Find out more about Bible translation and how YOU can be a part of bringing God's word into the hands of those around the world.




So the news from the orthopedic doctor wasn't what we'd hoped for.  Jason's ACL and meniscus have to be repaired. The ACL was...