Sunday, March 3, 2019


So the news from the orthopedic doctor wasn't what we'd hoped for. 

Jason's ACL and meniscus have to be repaired. The ACL was expected, the torn meniscus presents more of a challenge. If the doctor can fix it through surgery then Jason will need to be off his leg for 6 weeks in order to allow the meniscus to heal, or at least begin the healing process. We don't have a timeframe yet as to when he'll be able to come back here.

I leave this week so I can be with Jason for his surgery at the end of the week. Our kids will be scattered all over with awesome friends so they can finish the school term. During school break, they'll join us. It will be over a month since they'll have seen Jason.

I am a logistical, form filling queen with all the paperwork, flight schedules/reservations with our organization, not to mention prepping our 3 (bags, clothes, plans, oh...emotions!) for this unexpected chunk of time apart.

But....God is good. Things are coming together piece by piece and only because His hands are all over this. We're tired, but trusting in Him to carry us through. This has already been the beginning of a marathon journey.

Pray for wisdom for the doctors, miraculous, quick healing for Jason and for our kids as we're apart.

More soon from the land of awesome internet, grocery stores and coffee.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Head, Shoulder, Knees & Toes

If you receive our newsletters, you read that this is shaping up to be the term we deal with all the health things. Beginning last January, upon our return to PNG, we've had several health related issues in our family. I won't list them all because that's boring for you and honestly there are people we know and love facing far worse situations. Regardless, it's been a challenge to have so many things happen back to back. Today an update...and you're welcome for singing "Head, Shoulder, Knees and Toes" the rest of the day :)

Head: D is feeling better, claiming to feel "normal" whatever that looks like for a teenage boy (and really that's another blog post altogether!) He has resumed all but one of his classes, which is a huge praise! However, there's a good amount of make up work to finish but the school and teachers are working with him to get caught up. Plus, he has a bit more motivation...I suspect that his isolation for a couple of weeks has helped him gain some perspective.

Shoulders: My shoulders been a little tense these days if I'm being honest. More of why that could be below...

Knees: The short version of this section is that Jason hurt his knee last year. Actually, probably as far back as 2016. The pain ebbed and flowed but this year it's become more significant and now is affecting his ability to work. Our doctors here said in order to know what was really happening he'd need to get an MRI. So, currently, he's in Australia awaiting an orthopedic doctors appointment (tomorrow) to see where we go with all of this and what can be done.

Toes: So far our toes have been unaffected. Unless you count the mud they encounter on a regular basis during rainy season. In that case, I could use a pedicure but that's beside the point.

This morning, as I was thinking about writing this, Lauren Daigle's "Your Wings" came to mind and then this reminder from Psalm 91:4 that a friend stitched for me a few years ago:

Come what may with these current situations or in the future...we know we're covered and in the Lord's hands. He's sheltering and protecting us and I don't have to fear or dread what's next. What a image and promise to cling to!

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Concussion Day 14

Regardless of his face in this picture, we have some small victories we're super excited about!

This morning, D could walk in to the clinic without the assistance of a cane. He "passed" most of the neurological exams the doctor performed on him. (Apparently, he failed them last week when Jason took him to his appointment.)

He's still having headaches and a bit of dizziness, which is normal in concussion cases. The biggest concern now is not overdoing activity just because he's starting to feel better. This is a marathon healing process, not a sprint. Of course, this has lead to some pretty animated "discussions" as his idea of activity level and mine are REALLY different. Pray for me as I help him see my side of things...ha!

The doctor wants him to come back next Tuesday with the *possibility* of going back to school on Wednesday. He'll have to reduce his course load, but thankfully he still has a couple of years to make sure he gets all of his high school credits in. The biggest concern is that he's still having trouble focusing in on words when he tries to read.

We are SO grateful for the progress D has made, even in just a week! We know it's because the Lord is hearing and answering the prayers of so many who are praying!

Thursday, January 24, 2019

Clinic Update & Visitors

Just in case you're following the concussion journey we're on with D, here's the latest at the one week mark:

The clinic said the good news is that he's not showing symptoms of anything getting worse. The bad news is that he just needs more time and more rest to heal. One week in and he's going stir crazy as anyone would being isolated. He needs limited to no stimulation (that means everything and anything around, phone, computer, books/homework) and that's a struggle for a 15 year old boy who typically has nothing but energy he needs to get out.

Since D is homebound...and bored beyond himself...he's had heaps of visitors. Not great for his stimulation but good for his emotional state, so we're trying to balance that. Throughout the afternoon and evening, our porch and living room were packed with smelly, teenage boys who care enough about our kid to stop by, catch him up on all the school drama he's missing and make him laugh. Today at lunch most of his class came by...including girls-ha! 

I had to snap this picture yesterday. You can see where the boys were lined up to get in the house. It's customary here to take your shoes off before entering so you don't track dirt all over the floors. My mama heart is thankful for this community and for these kids.

Thanks for continuing to pray for D and for us. Navigating this has been more challenging than I anticipated. The longer this goes, the harder it gets. 

Pray with us for:

-miraculous, quick healing of his head
-heaps of patience (for him and us!) 
-peace in the midst of the boredom and waiting
-that D wouldn't worry about missing school assignments or being behind

We're trusting the Great Physician and His perfect timing.

Sunday, January 20, 2019


Earlier this week, D was at basketball tryouts when, playing defense, he shuffled his feet backwards, lost his footing and fell. Hard. On the concrete. His head taking the brunt of the hit. The coaches, who heard his head hit, said he got up and wanted to keep playing, but they made him sit down for a few minutes. He complained of his head hurting and they wouldn't let him back in the scrimmage.

We got a call from one of the coaches asking us to come pick him up where we determined he needed to visit the clinic. In that visit, the doctor diagnosed him with a pretty major concussion. We're watching him and the situation closely.

So this has been our weekend. A very restless, bored teenage boy, trying to sleep and refusing help...even though he really needs it.

If you think about us, pray for him...pray for us as we try to take care of our boy.

Saturday, January 12, 2019


Somehow the baby of the family turns nine today. And yes, I had to stop myself from posting 100 pics of that baby face!

The little baby that thought sleep was overrated as an infant, perfectly completed our family. She is hard headed, determined, the comedian and loves animals. She's also decided that she's a big fan of sleep :)

Happy Birthday Mal...we love you more than you'll ever know!

Saturday, January 5, 2019



Did you know I even had a blog?! I was worried I wouldn't remember the password to log in.

Sigh...I won't even attempt to apologize for the silence on this space. And I certainly won't promise that in 2019 there will be more blog posts. Of course, that's what I'd like to have happen, but...let's count how many times I've said that in the past and see where we've gotten?

But as it goes with the end of the year, I've been reflecting about the last 365 days and this journey God has us on.

Honestly, I really miss writing on this space. Several people commented on our furlough that they loved reading the blog just to get an inside look at life here. Last year was hard fought on every level and at the end of the day--some that seemed like they'd never end--I just had nothing to put into words.

I had my fair share of fear in 2018. Fear of being vulnerable, fear of making sure my words were "just right" on this space and if they weren't...the fear of being criticized. I feel like the enemy has been using that fear to disable me on so many levels. Isn't that just what he wants to do? Strike in our weakness (pick yours) tell us we're not good enough. Then we slither away to our selfish, introspective worlds, all the while feeling inadequate, defeated and silenced. And when we do that, guess what? He wins.

I'm not an eloquent or motivational writer or speaker. I tend to be more of a "realist", a "tell it like it is" person and lack some tack. (If you really don't want to know what I think, don't take me shopping with you!) Age hasn't helped that personality trait. I don't like whining (ask my kids!) and as I thought about writing on this space last year,  I didn't want to come across as being a whining missionary :)

As inadequate as it will be, my renewed attempt on this space will be to share the real life...the good, bad and sometimes ugly part of our little corner of the world. I'm tired of feeling defeated, fearful and silent. In the end, hopefully you'll see that really nothing is about me/us and everything is about the Lord.

So...what now?

With the arrival of 2019, we begin our 6th year here. 2018 was an adjustment year as we came back to the life we have grown to love. We settled in to a new routine, a new job for me, changes for Jason's job, new school grades for the kids (um, hello...we have a high schooler now??), new friendships, sorely missing our family back home...the list could go on. So while things were familiar on our arrival so much was unchartered territory. Over the years we've found missions life to be full of constant transition and change. Change is our "normal" life.

But God.

Through all the adjustments, challenges and heartache, I saw His hand in the details. I've had to trust Him and be reminded of His promises more than ever before. I've had to cling to Him when I had nothing else would do. Even though I've known this for years, I was reminded over and over again that my own strength, my own will, wasn't going to carry me, our family and what we were going through at the time. I only need Him. I can't have it any other way. It just doesn't work.

2019 will no doubt bring it's own challenges. We are already aware of some big changes on the horizon. Am I ready? Did I learn anything from last year? I pray I have.


So the news from the orthopedic doctor wasn't what we'd hoped for.  Jason's ACL and meniscus have to be repaired. The ACL was...