Thursday, January 31, 2019

Concussion Day 14

Regardless of his face in this picture, we have some small victories we're super excited about!

This morning, D could walk in to the clinic without the assistance of a cane. He "passed" most of the neurological exams the doctor performed on him. (Apparently, he failed them last week when Jason took him to his appointment.)

He's still having headaches and a bit of dizziness, which is normal in concussion cases. The biggest concern now is not overdoing activity just because he's starting to feel better. This is a marathon healing process, not a sprint. Of course, this has lead to some pretty animated "discussions" as his idea of activity level and mine are REALLY different. Pray for me as I help him see my side of things...ha!

The doctor wants him to come back next Tuesday with the *possibility* of going back to school on Wednesday. He'll have to reduce his course load, but thankfully he still has a couple of years to make sure he gets all of his high school credits in. The biggest concern is that he's still having trouble focusing in on words when he tries to read.

We are SO grateful for the progress D has made, even in just a week! We know it's because the Lord is hearing and answering the prayers of so many who are praying!

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