Sunday, March 3, 2019


So the news from the orthopedic doctor wasn't what we'd hoped for. 

Jason's ACL and meniscus have to be repaired. The ACL was expected, the torn meniscus presents more of a challenge. If the doctor can fix it through surgery then Jason will need to be off his leg for 6 weeks in order to allow the meniscus to heal, or at least begin the healing process. We don't have a timeframe yet as to when he'll be able to come back here.

I leave this week so I can be with Jason for his surgery at the end of the week. Our kids will be scattered all over with awesome friends so they can finish the school term. During school break, they'll join us. It will be over a month since they'll have seen Jason.

I am a logistical, form filling queen with all the paperwork, flight schedules/reservations with our organization, not to mention prepping our 3 (bags, clothes, plans, oh...emotions!) for this unexpected chunk of time apart.

But....God is good. Things are coming together piece by piece and only because His hands are all over this. We're tired, but trusting in Him to carry us through. This has already been the beginning of a marathon journey.

Pray for wisdom for the doctors, miraculous, quick healing for Jason and for our kids as we're apart.

More soon from the land of awesome internet, grocery stores and coffee.

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