Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Birthday Fun

Sunday I celebrated my fourth birthday in PNG. I know. I can't believe it either. Time flies, right?!

With limited options here as for things to do or places to go, creativity and planning are key. Honestly, I'd rather not invest that kind of time in my own birthday, but thankfully, I have an awesome husband, kids and friends that take good care of me regardless of what I want.

Saturday night, Jason booked dinner for the two of us at the guesthouse on our center. We had a great meal that I didn't have to fix OR clean up! 
Sunday morning I woke up to my favourite breakfast, french toast, made by my favourite people. 
Friends came over throughout the day bearing gifts and even my favourite chocolate cake! 
The candle situation had the potential for disaster and took 3 people to light all of them. My kids took great delight in the heat that came from that cake...
And if two days of fun weren't enough, we played hooky from work on Monday and drove into the nearest town of Kainantu with friends. On the agenda: secondhand clothes shopping and lunch at "The Lodge".
Among our finds in town? Canned stewed duck with bone. Can you imagine?! Even if it IS the "Best Brand" I left it on the shelf. Something tells me it wouldn't go over well at dinner at my house.

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