Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sixth Grade Grad

We celebrated sixth grade graduation on June 10. D has officially finished the primary campus and is off to the middle school at the secondary campus once July 20th hits!

The evening was hosted and organised by teachers and parents. Thankfully, one of the parents had just made a trip to Australia and was able to pick up balloons and decorations to us to use for the night.

During the ceremony, sixth graders in the band (all but 3 in his class) played a song and character awards for each student were handed out. D received the “Courtesy” award which they define as “Using respectful and thoughtful ways and words with others, putting others before myself.”

Afterwards, the parents hosted a reception for teachers and the families of the class. There were yummy snacks and a photo booth. Then we had an “after party” that lasted til midnight. I, in a moment of weakness, signed up to stay with a few other parents and Jason took the girls home for the night.

We learned Australian bush dancing and as we had an odd number, I volunteered to even the count. Oh my word…so fun, but wow…I was tired! And unfortunately there is now evidence showing I was a part of this floating around town. I know it will come back to haunt me some day! We also had a bonfire and someone organised a scavenger hunt in the dark at the campus. The kids loved running around in the dark!

By midnight, I was feeling my age, but I was so glad to spend the evening with a great class!

Our attempt at a class selfie! My arm is too short and I couldn't get all the kids in the shot!

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