Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Furlough Prep Part 4: 60 Days

Two months!!

We're really starting to feel the tension of having one foot here and one foot in the US. Planning our schedule and arrangements for the next year stateside in tandem with finishing work, school and life here as we know it...while packing, cleaning and trying to finish well.

I'm reigning in the anticipation/fear of the next year while trying to maintain a sense of normalcy. In the last month that's meant celebrating two milestone birthdays of the kids which translates into parties...and food!! And all the while remembering through our training and books I've read on mission life that this tug we're feeling and transient living for a missionary is...normal?!

We're at the point where everything in our two worlds are colliding, even our dreams. The other night Jason dreamed that he was driving our totally rad 1985 his parents house!
I've had dreams about all sorts of things lately but most of them revolve around shopping in the US and my indecision on what to buy because there are too many choices and variety.

Currently my life (and brain!) are divided into three categories: ship back, give away and my favorite: throw away. Since no one knows the future and the Lord has a history of changing people's plans, our organization asks us to designate a friend or colleague to be the keeper of our house keys so if we don't come back, our "stuff" (which will be stored in our attic) can either be given away or shipped back. It's a bit daunting to decide what I'd want to send back if for some reason our plans change.
I keep asking myself "is this something I'd want to have with me in the US?" I don't want to over think the process, but it does make me to think about what's priority for me like the kids writing journals from school or paintings and wood carvings from local artists. Oh and don't forget the Christmas ornaments! On the bright side it does force you to do a good cleaning every term.

I've also been pretty excited about using the "lasts" of things like spices or bottles of things in the fridge. We're almost to the point that I can start throwing away ziplock bags instead of washing them...again. Oh and hole-y socks? They don't see the light of day anymore!

If you think of us, please pray for sanity and wisdom for all my sorting in the next 60 days! The to-do lists are getting longer and the days shorter...if only I had all the emojis with the crazy faces to insert right here...

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