Friday, August 11, 2017


ARGH!! I *thought* I put this post up while we were on the road a few weeks ago. Alas, I come to write about our East Coast travels and find this sitting my draft box. (Insert my eyes rolling. Technical glitch? Operator error? UGH!) Anyway...while I work on the road trip post, you can read my thoughts about July in August...better late than never???

Ya''s hot in Texas in July!! It's been a long while since we've sweat just checking the mail or walking from the car to the front door of the grocery store!

Despite the heat we really enjoyed the 4th this year. I forgot how deeply patriotic most Americans can be during this time of year. We did enjoy everything red, white and blue and all out patriotic this year. D loved buying fireworks and burning up his hard earned mowing money :)

YAY for the patriotic bag of M&M's!! WHO KNEW?!
Jason took the kids flying last week, but later in the day when it was a bit cooler. The love of flying runs deep in this family.

Have I mentioned it's JULY!??! A couple of weeks ago I went to Hobby Lobby and was reminded that American marketing minds start thinking about fall and Christmas WWWAAAYYY earlier than I'm ready for!! It's almost as bad with SCHOOL SUPPLIES!! I'm in denial that I need to start wrapping my mind around homeschooling our 3 in the fall...YIKES!

We hit the road Monday for about 3 weeks to connect with partners and friends along the East Coast. I'm sure I'll have a few things to say once we get back...stay tuned :)

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