Saturday, June 24, 2017

Airport Life

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Spending time in airports is a part of my life. My family and I live overseas so we travel quite a bit and in those travels we experience some great airports around the world while there are others that shall we say, need some improvement.

I've found there are airports that excel at efficiently navigating hundreds of passengers through security while others have no soap in the dispenser and a mere three the women's bathroom. I'll never understand that. Ever.

Regardless of the airport, one thing all of them have in common are people...and lots of them in every size, shape, color and story of their own. I think it's safe to say that people watching has become a favorite past-time of mine. I'm intrigued by a couple of things:

1. The clothing people choose to wear while traveling. There are those in gym clothes (i.e. leggings and t-shirts) while others are in their best suit and tie. To be clear, I'm not judging nor consider myself a fashionista whatsoever. I typically go the "comfy" route which involves super baggy "cute" pants and a sweater knowing that winter is coming as soon as I get on board. This could also be interpreted as the almost-40-wife-and-mom-I'm-done-trying-to-impress look. You can use your imagination.

2. The shoes people choose to wear. There are those that click their way through the corridor with heels while others choose to flip and flop their way on board. Again, just so we're clear, my preference are my faithful Birkenstocks. I can picture the classiness right?

These observations then lead me to my next question: Where are these people going? Business meetings? Shooting a new workout video? To the beach straight off the plane?

Then there are those that travel with their tea cup hair bow wearing dogs and I don't get that either. But those people usually aren't following their long-legged husband to the connecting flight while navigating three kids away from souvenir shops and making last minute bathroom stops all the while trying super hard not to capsize a fresh cup of coffee all over themselves. Clearly, I don't have the capacity to carry a dog with bows with me at this stage of life.

I've also seen red faced, puffy eyed people saying their goodbyes at the security entrance. I've been that person. "See ya laters" are hard, there's no way around it. But there are also the "hellos" I've observed (experienced!) full of exclamation and joy. In that very moment, nothing is sweeter than being reunited with a spouse, grandparent, child or friend.

One thing all of these people have in common, regardless of what they decide to wear, is their Creator. Whether they recognize Him or not, every single one of us was made in His image. They...we...are HIS children. If we watch close enough, strike up enough conversations, we get to see a glimpse of His handiwork, His likeness, who He is, right here on earth. We have the opportunity to hear their stories, maybe a chance to share a piece of ours and tell them about His love for them.
Even those with their tea cup dogs in tow.

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  1. Great thoughts and observations. Each person with an amazing story to tell and precious in His sight.


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